Rose ….is the new black!

Forty plus years ago, I remember watching Papa rectify Rose in our Morgan ave.warehouse(Papa was filtering out sugar tartrates that formed during a very cold march sea voyage).

The crystals resembled little precious stones , but are a natural ¬†byproduct of wine that had been exposed to a fast temperature change.As he poured bottles into alarger tub, I wondered how it might effect the “freshness” and flavors, and yet, as always, the dry version of anjou rose flew out, the semi dry went next, and te”saweet version didn’t sel until it was closed out in Mid august.Now, Rose sells all year round, and we’re coming intoi prome rose season.

What5makes one Rose sell, and another sit upon the shelf like its glued to its position?

There were perhaps 20 Roses offered by all the wholesalers in NY.(Circa late 1970’s)Today its entirely plausible that 1 wholesaler alone offers this many roses for sale!

OK, so here’s my question….? Has Rose peaked , or, is there still room for more?

I’m avoiding the picks and pans, because when it comes to such a high trend item as Rose, no one is wrong, and realistically, there are only a handful of Rose’s even worth mentioning!The category sales leader,Whispering Angel, is far from the best, however, as in most brand related popularity stories, ¬†the “me too” subscription to fashion should never be dismissed!

My last question: Does the name and packaging trump quality and value?


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