New York Wine Distributor Information

. . . Who is Mark Levy?

I have spent the majority of my life working within the Wine Trade. My hands-on experience covers a diverse and highly specialized history. I started my career in this field at the customer service level when I was 20 (the legal drinking age at that time was 18!).

Time brings change. The past decade has seen a drastic shift in climate for a once recession-proof industry. Further, the Wine & Spirit Industry has become a destination for some questionably qualified individuals with “wine consultant” titles…when they are, more accurately, “masters of whine.”

Like the auto manufacturers in Detroit, we can no longer exist in a world of mediocrity. In this highly volatile market economy, reliable information has become essential. If your business decisions are not spot on, you may find yourself unemployed tomorrow. I will help you make those make or break decisions.

My site focuses upon my 3 plus decades of experience; along the way I have developed a solid Wine & Spirit “database foundation.”

I can provide a wealth of expertise in the following areas:

Sales and marketing of fine wines & specialty spirits.

Private label sourcing, labeling , and merchandising.

Import consulting.

Wine classes & seminars.

Wholesale presentations.

Package design consulting & sourcing.

Import / wholesaler matching.

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